Tree Installation Project For Developmental School Completed

Big Trees Inc. Very Satisfied With Results Of The Recent Installation Project

SEATTLE, WA: Big Trees Inc., ( recently completed a large tree installation project for a school parking lot in downtown Seattle. The project was undertaken for the University Child Development School, a school first started on the University Of Washington campus and which now serves as a fully professional practice school. Big Trees Inc. is proud to announce the projects were completed to excellent results.

The project consisted of installing a large Japanese Maple Tree and five tall Katsura trees in the play area and child pick up zone of the school, as well as a Ginkgo being replanted from previous construction activities on the campus. The trees were wanted to provide shade and give a livelier aspect to the area for the children to play in. According to an executive from the company, the trees are doing well in their new environment and it is expected they will continue to develop very well there.

Nancy Latham, owner of Big Trees Inc., stated “We have done a number of projects for the University Of Washington, and it was a pleasure to work with the UCDS (University Child Developmental School). The installation went very well, and we’ll be checking up on the trees to make sure they thrive in their new yard.”

Nancy Latham is the owner of Big Trees Inc. (, located in Snohomish, WA, in the Seattle area. The company is one of the largest tree nurseries in the Seattle area with over 120,000 trees available in over 300 varieties. They not only can deliver young trees but also mature trees in a wide range of sizes. Some types of trees available include spring flowering, deciduous, evergreen, and privacy trees. The company also does tree transplanting including up to large trees. Their blog can be seen at